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This entry was posted on 10/15/2006 10:47 PM and is filed under Comedy.

10/16/06: Law & Order: “Fear America” (2006)

The sitcom may be out of fashion, but good Leftist television provides plenty of laughs. Sadly, it’s also made every crime drama dull and predictable. The murderer is usually the businessman or the Christian or the guy running a Christian business. Occasionally, though, we get a real rollercoaster ride of a laff fest—like this past Friday, when Law & Order tied itself in knots while trying to present a show about murderous Muslims.

“Fear America” only caught our eye because of the opening moments. The cop heroes are watching a DVD of a militant American group beheading a Muslim. A typical episode of Law & Order would have an Islamofascist group revealed to be a bunch of Christians. Ergo, we knew that that this group of supposed Americans would be revealed to be murdering Muslims. That’s a genuine plot twist from the most predictably Leftist show on television.

For those who don’t follow it, Law & Order is a (very) long-running series about hard-boiled NYC cops and prosecutors who talk like liberal screenwriters in Los Angeles. “Fear America” dared to buck that trend with a plot about a would-be Muslim terrorist who tried to become a police informant, and was then murdered by comrades posing as the afore-mentioned Americans.

All very convoluted, but nothing compared to how the L&O staff then had to compensate. The imam at the victim’s mosque begins by announcing, “My mosque has 600 members. For most of them, threats are a simple fact of life.” He adds that his “community doesn’t exactly trust the police.” He says that like it’s some kind of news to us.

Things get better. We learn that Justice Scalia is on the side of the terrorists. (This line gets handled by alleged Republican actor Fred Dalton Thompson. Thanks, Fred.) The first half—the “Law” half—concludes when the cops raid a mosque and get the terrorists. “I still can’t believe we’re storming a mosque,” says the lead detective, summing up the attitude that CAIR wants all police to have. Instead, there’s a shoot-out in the mosque. One of the two terrorists even gets killed.

Yet we return after a commercial to the courtroom segment—the “Order” half—without a single mention of subsequent riots. That’s just the start of a happy fantasyland. We’re told that the reluctant terrorist was forced to consider nuking Times Square because of how horribly he was treated here. “A woman spit on him in the subway,” says his widow. “He was searched at the airport. Twice.”

The part about the subway is unbelievable. The part about the airport is reassuring—and also unbelievable. But that’s nothing compared to when the imam provides the real killer with an alibi, and then has a change of heart because he loves America so much. The sci-fi continues as the murderer is actually found guilty in a New York City courtroom.

Of course, there’s a final tortured resolution. Despite his patriotic ways, the poor imam has a brick—with “Terrorist” written on it—thrown through one of his windows. Also, his mosque is burned down. Americans truly are as bad as fanatical Muslims. Worse, even.

But, wait a minute. Didn’t this whole thing start with conniving Muslims pretending to be outraged Americans? Never mind. The screenwriters are hoping that you’ve forgotten about that.

And don’t worry about NBC dropping the ball by depicting a Muslim terrorist. CBS jumped in over the weekend with two nights of crime dramas where wealthy white murderers were inspired by their Christian faith. There’ll be more where that came from.

Make it your own: The official site is pretty useless on this one. You can’t even find a plot synopsis as of today—probably because they’re waiting for it to be approved by CAIR. Anyway, the episode will be aired again soon enough. Then wait a couple of years to catch it two times a day on the USA Network.


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